We work with a strong, trusted global network.  Together we create innovative solutions and relationships meeting our customers' readiness, security and affordability needs.

The Swift Group


“I have known Ken Miller since our days together on the CNO’s staff in what was N88 at the time, now N98.  While the staff was strong in operational experience, Ken was brought to the staff to teach, mentor and lead in areas where we were not strong, mainly budgeting, procurement and acquisition expertise.  I gained a wealth of knowledge from Ken as a young Commander that served we well as the F/A-18 Hornet Requirements Officer.  What I did not appreciate at the time was how well his insights and wisdom would serve me in the years ahead as a Flag Officer, eventually leading the US Pacific Fleet made up of 140,000 Sailors, over 200 ships and 1200 aircraft.  Ken’s insight and wisdom has continued to grow over the last twenty years and I am honored to be associated with him and his KEM team once again.”

Admiral Scott Swift, USN (ret.)

Adaptive Cargo Solutions


“Ken Miller and his KEM team continue to be a global force in developing innovative solutions directed towards complex logistics problems. Ken is a renowned expert in Washington, Department of Defense, and Pentagon processes and superbly helps others navigate and succeed in dealing with them. I have been a proud collaborator with Ken Miller and KEM for over 20 years and his leadership, brilliant business mind, and outstanding team continue to help advance the state of logistics and transportation enterprises worldwide.”

General Duncan J. McNabb U.S.A.F. (ret.), ACS Board of Directors

Admiral John. B Nathman, USN (ret.)


“Ken Miller is incredibly engaged, connected and a prepared Professional. An expert in all Pentagon processes and policies. Provides straight up advice and recommendations.”

Admiral John B. Nathman, USN (ret.)

Major General William Catto, USMC (ret.)


“I first worked with Ken Miller at the Pentagon in 2004.  I was impressed with him then and found his views and professionalism refreshing.  Transitioning to the Defense Industry arena a decade later, I was pleased to once more have the opportunity to work with him when a Key Prime sought his expertise on proposal and program reviews.  His judgment and views are consistently on the mark.”

Major General William Catto, USMC (ret.)

David Creasy


“I am honored to partner with Ken Miller and the KEM team to develop a ground processing architecture which will permit commercial remote sensing satellites to provide time-relevant operational information to the warfighter.”

David Creasy

JFBoyle and Associates LLC


“The team that KEM and Associates brings to the table understands how the customer values solutions to the problem, more important is that the team understands how to identify the customer’s assessment of risks.  At the end of the day, those perceptions will drive the customer’s decision.  Ken meets his commitments to deliver actionable decision quality products.  Once a Bulldog, Always a Bulldog – Hail State.”

Jim Boyle, President JFBoyle and Associates LLC

CWilliams LLC


“KEM and Associates gets things done for its clients. Ken Miller’s strategic perspective and vision is exceptional and always on point!”

 Charlie E. Williams, Jr., President and Founder of CWilliams LLC



“From the start of working with KEM, I felt like I had been a part of the team for years. Not only are they exceptional in their expertise, they value their extended team and partners and make their appreciation continually known. To say I am privileged to partner with KEM is a vast understatement. They are a proven asset to their industry with a team comprised of genuine, kind and efficient individuals that exceed all expectations.”

Will, Owner TIV LLC

Jason Collado Creative Services


“I have had the pleasure of working with KEM & Associates for close to a decade. When I think of the wonderful team at KEM, true professionalism and top-notch collaboration immediately come to mind. Their leadership and vision is second-to-none, and the way they engage their partners during a project is inspiring. KEM is focused and calculated when mapping out a plan for success, and truly embrace the creative process. I am always excited to roll up my sleeves and get in the trenches with them every step of the way.”

Jason Collado, Creative Director, Brand Strategist, Designer & Copywriter

R5 Limited


“R5 and KEM and Associates LLC have been actively engaged incubating, building and launching together “mature” early stage and greenfield project companies.  KEM’s international depth of knowledge, broad industry sector speciality, breadth of expertise, and its “best of breed” network and is top drawer and most complimentary to our company’s own skill sets. Through hard core, hard driving due diligence, research and analysis, they unearth hidden failure points, but, more importantly, they are able to find those elusive diamonds in the rough and knows how to polish them.” 

David Dunlap, Managing Director R5 Limited

ARES Mobility Solutions


“Partnering with KEM & Associates has been an unbelievable resource for our new company.  I have been very pleased and impressed with both the methodology and the professionals we worked with in setting up strategies for our organization.  Ares Mobility Solutions was presented with diverse opportunities and KEM & Associates team dedicates personnel, reviewed our documentation,  learned our business processes and provided comprehensive analysis and recommendations to success.  I especially appreciate the steady drumbeat of contact that ensures our success.” 

Shirlene D. Ostrov, President/CEO ARES Mobility Solutions, Inc.